How To Use Cryptocus Mining Profitability Calculator

Posted on 21 March, 2018
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Tips and tricks on how to use Cryptocus mining profitability calculator

What is Cryptocus

Cryptocus is a simple, but precise and reliable, mining profitability calculator for lots of actual cryptocurrencies (coins). With Cryptocus, you can calculate profitability for Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin, Zcash, Musicoin, Pirl, Ubiq, Expanse, Elaism, Electroneum and a lot more minable cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocus is recently released as MVP, with minimal amount of options, but we're planing to upgrade it with few more neat features in the near future. Some of those features might be inclusion of different fees in process of calculation so the user have clearer picture about real profitability with semi hidden expenses like pool fees and efficiency, mining software (developer) fees, exchange rate fluctuations, stale / rejected / orphan rates etc.

How to use Cryptocus

Using Cryptocus is very easy, but before you can use it, you need to know exactly two things: which coin you're mining and total hash rate of all your rigs (for the chosen coin).

In the middle of the page you will see two input fields that should be used to choose the coin and enter corresponding hash rate. After pressing "Add" button (or "Enter" key while in hash rate input) data will be added to "Compare Table" below.

There is a secret functionality in the hash rate input field - you can multiply two (or more) numbers by entering simple expression like 100x25. This option is very useful if you know exact numbers of graphic cards and their average hash rates, but not the total has rate itself.

In this table you can arrange rows by coin name, hash rate, mining algorithm, or mining duration. You may change resulting currency by selecting an option located above right side of the table (currently supported are USD, EUR and BTC)

If you decide to close the tab or browser, current data about the coins you've selected will be preserved locally (in your browser storage), so next time you visit Cryptocus there will be no need for adding same coins and hash rates again. Beside that, new actual prices of coins as well as profitability will update after few moments, by automatically fetching new network values.

Sharing your Compare Table

Recently we've added a nice functionality which allows user to share his compare table.

Sharing should be very easy. In the lower left part of the Compare Table, you'll see a small link with megaphone icon and "Share" text next to it. When you click it, a new share link will be generated. This enables you to select it or click on a small paste icon at the end of the field. Once clicked, the link will be in your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere you want. For example you can share it on Viber, Slack, Facebook, in the blog post you're writing or forum post you're on.

When someone follows the link, Cryptocus web page will be presented and coins you shared will appear. If user already has its own compare table with custom coins and hash rates, shared coins will be appended to the list.

Cryptocus is based on Movor Uni project.

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